Say the word
and remember
the PIN

"With one self-chosen word your clients can remember their PIN codes"

Personal word replaces impersonal number
The MemoCard is an attractive solution for a problem suffered by so many: remembering PIN codes. Anyone using the MemoCard can look up PIN codes within seconds using a word that is self-chosen and easy to remember. In these days of computers and number codes, the MemoCard makes it possible to use a secret word or a fouvarite name as an aide-mémoire.

Splendid promotional possibilities
The MemoCard is one of those rare premiums that has real practical value. Where for many remembering the PIN # is more or less troublesome, giving away a simple tool as the MemoCard is a positive gesture that is valued as such. In this way, the MemoCard contributes positively to the image of the submitting institute. What is more, it is cheap, effective, safe, long lasting and looks attractive. It provides a good opportunity for advertising, PR and free publicity.

Cutting costs
For Banks, the system offers further advantage of cutting costs. If you send out a MemoCard along with each new PIN-card (as the Dutch Postbank does), the costs of sending out duplicate passes for those who have forgotten their PIN codes will drop. It also cuts the (non-measurable) costs of inconvenience for customers who lost their PIN # or the discomfort for users who almost did.

From hostility to fascination
Most people actively dislike having to learn an impersonal set of numbers by heart. The MemoCard transforms hostility into fascination: it seems that people are delighted to take the trouble to understand the MemoCard.

Meets stringent safety requirements
The MemoCard is based on a word (which can be self chosen) from the letters of the alphabet (26 letters). So a word of 4 letters can have 26 x 26 x 26 x 26 = 456.976 possibilities. A normal PIN code of 4 numbers has 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 10.000 possibilities. That makes the MemoCard an absolute SAFE product

Effective and inexpensive
The MemoCard proves that an effective premium with great practical use does not have to be expensive.

Proven success
Millions of MemoCards have proved their worth for the Dutch Postbank, the German Sparkasse, for Esso (standard Oil) in the BeNeLux, CartaSi in Italy and for the Northern Bank of England.

New: EURO Calculator
The other-side of the MemoCard (slide-system) can be used for changing your own currency into the Euro €.

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